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13 Mar 2019

ICE Rajkot Current Affairs PDF Download

               ICE Rajkot Current Affairs PDF
ICE Rajkot is one of the best academy for crack any competitive exam. this academy is stand in gujarat. they  work for competitive exam materials and specially for current affairs in gujarati. If You Are Doing Preparation For Competitive Exams Then Current Affairs Is Main Part of Your Exam.

             Latest ICE Magic PDF Download
ICE Current Affairs PDF Will Be Shared Every Week And Most Of Students Read This Gujarati current affairs magazine. Just Because ICE Share Complete Package Of All Recent Event,  are Political Event, National Event, State Event, Sports Event, Bollywood event, Science and All important International Event in the World. It covers all topics ranging from business, sports, money, politics, education, employment, crime, and ethics and this all available in Gujarati Language.  ICE Current Affairs PDF Is Available On Their Website And Telegram Channel, But Here We Come With All PDF In One Post.

ICE Rajkot Current Affairs PDF Download
Students are looking  for ICE Academy Rajkot  Current Affairs . Then is the Right Place in this post you got All the Current Affairs PDF in Single Post. We Created This Section by Keeping in Mind the connection Of This Subject value in Various Competitive Exams.

ICE Magic February 2019 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link

13-03-2019ICE MAGIC- 10 (03-03-19 TO 09-03-19)DOWNLOAD
06-03-2019ICE MAGIC-09 (24-02-19 TO 02-03-19)DOWNLOAD
15-02-2019ICE MAGIC-08 (17-02-19 TO 23-02-19)DOWNLOAD
19-02-2019ICE MAGIC-07 (10-02-19 TO 16-02-19)DOWNLOAD
11-02-2019ICE MAGIC-06 (03-02-19 TO 09-02-19)DOWNLOAD
08-02-2019ICE Budget 
05-02-2019ICE MAGIC-05 (27-01-19 TO 02-02-19)DOWNLOAD
19-01-2019ICE MAGIC-04 (20-01-19 TO 26-01-19)DOWNLOAD
21-01-2019ICE MAGIC-03 (14-01-19 TO 19-01-19)DOWNLOAD
15-01-2019ICE MAGIC-02 (06-01-19 TO 12-01-19)DOWNLOAD
09-01-2019ICE MAGIC-01 (01-01-19 TO 05-01-19)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic December 2018 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
03-01-2018ICE MAGIC-52 (23-12-18 TO 31-12-18)DOWNLOAD
25-12-2018ICE MAGIC-51 (16-12-18 TO 22-12-18)DOWNLOAD
17-12-2018ICE MAGIC-50 (09-12-18 TO 15-12-18)DOWNLOAD
10-12-2018ICE MAGIC-49 (02-12-2018 TO 02-12-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic November 2018 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
03-12-2018ICE MAGIC-48 (25-11-18 TO 01-12-18)DOWNLOAD
29-11-2018ICE MAGIC-47 (18-11-18 TO 24-11-18)DOWNLOAD
20-11-2018ICE MAGIC-46 (11-11-2018 TO 17-11-2018)DOWNLOAD
15-11-2018ICE MAGIC-45 (04-11-2018 TO 10-11-2018)DOWNLOAD
04-11-2018ICE MAGIC-44 (28-10-2018 TO 03-11-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic October 2018 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
30-10-2018ICE MAGIC-43 (21-10-2018 TO 27-10-2018)DOWNLOAD
23-10-2018ICE MAGIC-42 (14-10-2018 TO 20-10-2018)DOWNLOAD
16-10-2018ICE MAGIC-41 (07-10-2018 TO 13-10-2018)DOWNLOAD
09-10-2018ICE MAGIC-40 (30-09-2018 TO 06-10-2018)DOWNLOAD
01-10-2018ICE MAGIC-39 (23-09-2018 TO 29-09-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic September 2018 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
24-09-2018ICE MAGIC-38 (16-09-2018 TO 22-09-2018)DOWNLOAD
19-09-2018ICE MAGIC-37 (09-09-2018 TO 15-09-2018)DOWNLOAD
14-09-2018ICE MAGIC-36 (02-09-2018 TO 08-09-2018)DOWNLOAD
07-09-2018ICE MAGIC-35 (26-08-2018 TO 01-09-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic August 2018 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
25-08-2018ICE MAGIC-34 (19-08-2018 TO 25-08-2018)DOWNLOAD
20-08-2018ICE MAGIC-33 (12-08-2018 TO 18-08-2018)DOWNLOAD
14-08-2018ICE MAGIC-32 (05-08-2018 TO 11-08-2018)DOWNLOAD
06-08-2018ICE MAGIC-31(29-07-2018 TO 04-08-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic July 2018 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
31-07-2018ICE MAGIC-30 (22-07-2018 TO 28-07-2018)DOWNLOAD
23-07-2018ICE MAGIC -29 (15-07-2018 TO 21-07-2018)DOWNLOAD
16-07-2018ICE MAGIC-28 (08-07-2018 TO 14-07-2018)DOWNLOAD
10-07-2018ICE MAGIC-27 (1-7-2018 TO 7-7-2018)DOWNLOAD
03-07-2018ICE MAGIC-26 (24-06-2018 TO 30-06-2018)DOWNLOAD 

ICE Magic June 2018 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
26-06-2018ICE MAGIC-25 (17-06-2018 TO 23-06-2018)DOWNLOAD
19-06-2018ICE MAGIC-24 (10-06-2018 TO 16-06-2018)DOWNLOAD
11-06-2018ICE MAGIC-23 (3-6-2018 TO 9-6-2018)DOWNLOAD
05-06-2018ICE MAGIC-22 (27-05-2018 TO 02-06-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic May 2018 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
28-05-2018ICE MAGIC-21 (20-05-2018 TO 26-05-2018)DOWNLOAD
21-05-2018ICE MAGIC-20 (13-05-2018 TO 19-05-2018)DOWNLOAD
14-05-2018ICE MAGIC-19 (06-05-2018 TO 12-05-2018)DOWNLOAD
07-05-2018ICE MAGIC-18 (29-04-2018 TO 05-05-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic April 2018 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
28-04-2018ICE MAGIC-17 (22-04-2018 TO 28-04-2018)DOWNLOAD
24-04-2018ICE MAGIC-16 (15-04-2018 TO 21-04-2018)DOWNLOAD
16-04-2018ICE MAGIC-15 (08-04-2018 TO 14-04-2018)DOWNLOAD
09-04-2018ICE MAGIC-14 (01-04-2018 TO 07-04-2018)DOWNLOAD
02-04-2018ICE MAGIC-13 (25-03-2018 TO 31-03-2018)DOWNLOAD

ICE Magic March 2018 PDF Download

Release DateDescriptionDownload Link
24-03-2018ICE MAGIC-12 (18-03-2018 TO 24-03-2018)DOWNLOAD
17-03-2018ICE MAGIC-11 (11-03-2018 TO 17-03-2018)DOWNLOAD
12-03-2018ICE MAGIC-10 (04-03-2018 TO 10-03-2018)DOWNLOAD
06-03-2018ICE MAGIC-09 (25-02-2018 TO 03-03-2018)DOWNLOAD
ICE Current Affairs PDF Download  (ICE Magic)
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