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17 October 2018

GK In Gujarati

General Knowledge In Gujarati PDF Download
General Knowledge Collection
5500+ One Liner Question : Download
World Inbox GK Book : Download

Sarkari Yojana : Download

Akshar GK Book Download in Gujarati : Download 

Navneet General Knowledge : Download
World Inbox 10000+ Question : Download
Gujarat Parichay Liberty Academy : Download
Ice Rajkot Study Materials : Download
6000+ GK One Liner Question:Download 
GK Sortcut Tricks : Download
GK One Liner Questions : Download
GK One Liner: Download
Bharat Na Rajyo Details : Download
Gujarat Ni Ek Zalak Aastha Academy:Download
Bharat Nu kheljagat Part 1 : Download
Bharat Nu Kheljagat Part 2: Download
Kala Ane Sanskrti : Download

Bhugol (Geography)
Gujarat Nu Bhugol Anamika : Download
India Map (ભારત નો નક્શો) : Download
Gujarat Na Jilla : Download
Gujarat Ni Nadi & Sarovar : Download
National Park : Download
Bharat Ni Khanijo : Download
Gujarat Nu Bhugol One Liner:Download
Abhiyaran & National Park : Download
Sinchay Yojana : Download
Bharat Nu Bhugol Angel Part 1:Download
Bharat Nu Bhugol Angel Part 2:Download
Havai Mathak : Download

Itihas (History)
Bharat No Itihas Anamika : Download
Mahagujarat Andolan : Download
Gujarat Na Satyagraho : Download
Gujarat No Puratan Varso : Download
Gujarat Na Mukhymantri Sortcut:Download
Gujarat Itihas Part 1: Download
Gujarat Itihas Part 1: Download
Gujarat Itihas One Liner: Download
Gujarat No Itihas Anamika : Download

Bharat Nu Bandharan-Shahejad Kazi : Download
IPC Code : Download
Bharat Nu Bandharan By Astha: Download
Bharat Nu Bandharan Anamika : Download
Bandharaniy Sudhara : Download
Bharat Sarkar Dvara Nirmit Book:Download
Bandharan Rit : Download
Bharat Nu Bandharan Astha: Download
Bharat Nu Bandharan Anamika: Download

Maths And Reasoning
Maths & Reasoning Sortcut : Download
World Inbox Maths Book : Download
Navneet Publication Book: Download
Sortcut Maths & Reasoning Part 1 : Download
Sortcut Maths & Reasoning Part 2 : Download
Important Formula : Download
STD 5 To 8 Formula : Download
Bhumiti Na Sutro : Download
Maths Kummar Academy : Download

Gujarati Vyakran (Grammar)
Gujarati Grammar Anamika : Download
Gujarati Vyakran-World Inbox : Download
Gujarati Vyakran Angel Academy :Download
Gujarati Vyakran Akshar Publication:Download
Gujarati Vyakran One Liner : Download
Gujarati Grammar :Download

Gujarati Sahitya 
Gujarati Sahitya Anamika Academy:Download
Gujarati Sahityakaro : Download

Gujarati Sahitya Angel Academy: Download
Gujarati Sahitya Sahejad Kazi: Download
Gujarati Sahityakaro : Download

Computer Book By World Inbox : Download
Most IMP Basic Computer ICE Rajkot:Download

Panchayati Raj
Panchayati Raj Astha Academy: Download
Panchayati Raj Anamika Academy : Download
Panchayatiraj Part 1-Kumar Academy: Download
Panchayatiraj Part 2 Kumar Academy: Download
Panchayatiraj Part 3 Kumar Academy: Download
Jaher Vahivat Anamika Academy : Download


General Science Anamika Academy:Download
Science By Angel : Download
General Science Liberty Academy:Download

English Grammar
Basic English : Download
English Grammar : Download

Model Question Paper
GSEB Assistant Social Welfare Officer : Download
GSEB Head Constable(Jamadar) : Download
Revenue Talati Model Paper : Download
Revenue Talati Old Paper : Download
Dy So Main Exam Paper : Download
PSI/ASI/IO Old Paper : Download

Standard 5 to 12 Gujarati Text book (All Stream)
GSEB Gujarati Medium Textbook : Download

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