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17 October 2018

GK In Gujarati

General Knowledge In Gujarati PDF Download
General Knowledge Collection
5500+ One Liner Question : Download
World Inbox GK Book : Download

Sarkari Yojana : Download

Akshar GK Book Download in Gujarati : Download 

Navneet General Knowledge : Download
World Inbox 10000+ Question : Download
Gujarat Parichay Liberty Academy : Download
Ice Rajkot Study Materials : Download
6000+ GK One Liner Question:Download 
GK Sortcut Tricks : Download
GK One Liner Questions : Download
GK One Liner: Download
Bharat Na Rajyo Details : Download
Gujarat Ni Ek Zalak Aastha Academy:Download
Bharat Nu kheljagat Part 1 : Download
Bharat Nu Kheljagat Part 2: Download
Kala Ane Sanskrti : Download

Bhugol (Geography)
Gujarat Nu Bhugol Anamika : Download
India Map (ભારત નો નક્શો) : Download
Gujarat Na Jilla : Download
Gujarat Ni Nadi & Sarovar : Download
National Park : Download
Bharat Ni Khanijo : Download
Gujarat Nu Bhugol One Liner:Download
Abhiyaran & National Park : Download
Sinchay Yojana : Download
Bharat Nu Bhugol Angel Part 1:Download
Bharat Nu Bhugol Angel Part 2:Download
Havai Mathak : Download

Itihas (History)
Bharat No Itihas Anamika : Download
Mahagujarat Andolan : Download
Gujarat Na Satyagraho : Download
Gujarat No Puratan Varso : Download
Gujarat Na Mukhymantri Sortcut:Download
Gujarat Itihas Part 1: Download
Gujarat Itihas Part 1: Download
Gujarat Itihas One Liner: Download
Gujarat No Itihas Anamika : Download

Bharat Nu Bandharan-Shahejad Kazi : Download
IPC Code : Download
Bharat Nu Bandharan By Astha: Download
Bharat Nu Bandharan Anamika : Download
Bandharaniy Sudhara : Download
Bharat Sarkar Dvara Nirmit Book:Download
Bandharan Rit : Download
Bharat Nu Bandharan Astha: Download
Bharat Nu Bandharan Anamika: Download

Maths And Reasoning
Maths & Reasoning Sortcut : Download
World Inbox Maths Book : Download
Navneet Publication Book: Download
Sortcut Maths & Reasoning Part 1 : Download
Sortcut Maths & Reasoning Part 2 : Download
Important Formula : Download
STD 5 To 8 Formula : Download
Bhumiti Na Sutro : Download
Maths Kummar Academy : Download

Gujarati Vyakran (Grammar)
Gujarati Grammar Anamika : Download
Gujarati Vyakran-World Inbox : Download
Gujarati Vyakran Angel Academy :Download
Gujarati Vyakran Akshar Publication:Download
Gujarati Vyakran One Liner : Download
Gujarati Grammar :Download

Gujarati Sahitya 
Gujarati Sahitya Anamika Academy:Download
Gujarati Sahityakaro : Download

Gujarati Sahitya Angel Academy: Download
Gujarati Sahitya Sahejad Kazi: Download
Gujarati Sahityakaro : Download

Computer Book By World Inbox : Download
Most IMP Basic Computer ICE Rajkot:Download

Panchayati Raj
Panchayati Raj Astha Academy: Download
Panchayati Raj Anamika Academy : Download
Panchayatiraj Part 1-Kumar Academy: Download
Panchayatiraj Part 2 Kumar Academy: Download
Panchayatiraj Part 3 Kumar Academy: Download
Jaher Vahivat Anamika Academy : Download


General Science Anamika Academy:Download
Science By Angel : Download
General Science Liberty Academy:Download

English Grammar
Basic English : Download
English Grammar : Download

Model Question Paper
GSEB Assistant Social Welfare Officer : Download
GSEB Head Constable(Jamadar) : Download
Revenue Talati Model Paper : Download
Revenue Talati Old Paper : Download
Dy So Main Exam Paper : Download
PSI/ASI/IO Old Paper : Download

Standard 5 to 12 Gujarati Text book (All Stream)
GSEB Gujarati Medium Textbook : Download


16 October 2018

ICE Rajkot Current Affairs Pdf Download

ICE Rajkot Current Affairs | ICE Magic PDF | ICE Weekly Current Affairs | ICE Study Materials PDF Download

             ICE Rajkot Is One of The Best Academy of gujarat This Academy is working For Competitive Exam And Special for current affairs.Best Gujarati current affairs provide by ice rajkot Academy  any one can download from because we provide a daily current affairs of ice rajkot like national current affairs, international current affairs, science current affairs, sports current affairs, every state current affairs, artificial current affairs and many more current affairs are included in our current affairs list. so daily visit our site and download pdf file of current affais


                      All students and aspirants can visit our site to get latest updates study materials, current affairsgeneral knowledge in pdf format with actual and correct information.

Join Our Telegram Channel : Click Here 

                      If you want to pass of any goveronment exam Current Affairs is important for you. In this PDF all the topics cover of general studies are covered by our expert. This book is useful of many goveronment exams like as GPSC, UPSC, TET, TAT, HTAT, DY. SO, DY. MAMLATDAR, RRB, SSC, CLERK, PSI, ASI, CONSTABLE, NDA, MBA etc.



BHUGOL PDF : Download


ITIHAS PDF : Download

MATHS : Download

• Up coming government jobs in Gujarat

16-10-18ICE MAGIC-41 (07-10-18 to 13-10-18)Download
09-10-18ICE MAGIC-40 (30-09-18 to 06-10-18)Download
01-10-18ICE MAGIC-39 (23-09-18 to 29-09-18)Download
24-09-18ICE MAGIC-38 (16-09-18 to 22-09-18)Download
19-09-18ICE MAGIC-37 (09-09-18 to 15-09-18)Download
14-09-18ICE MAGIC-36 (02-09-18 to 08-09-18)Download
07-09-18ICE MAGIC-35 (26-08-18 to 01-09-18)Download
25-08-18      ICE MAGIC-34 (19-08-18 to 25-08-18)Download
20-08-18      ICE MAGIC-33 (12-08-18 to 18-08-18)Download
15-08-18ICE MAGIC-32 (05-08-18 to 11-08-18)Download
06-08-18ICE MAGIC-31 (29-07-18 to 04-08-18)Download
31-07-18ICE MAGIC-30 (22-07-18 to 28-07-18)Download
23-07-18ICE MAGIC-28 (15-07-18 to 21-07-18)Download
10-07-18ICE MAGIC-27 (01-07-18 to 07-07-18)Download
03-07-18ICE MAGIC-26 (24-06-18 to 30-06-18)Download
26-06-18ICE MAGIC-25 (17-06-18 to 23-06-18)Download
19-06-18ICE MAGIC-24 (10-06-18 to 16-06-18)Download
11-06-18ICE MAGIC-23 (03-06-18 to 09-06-18)Download
05-06-18ICE MAGIC-22 (27-05-18 to 02-06-18)Download
28-05-18ICE MAGIC-21 (20-05-18 to 26-05-18)Download
21-05-18ICE MAGIC-20 (13-05-18 to 19-05-18)Download
14-05-18ICE MAGIC-19 (06-05-18 to 12-05-18)Download
07-05-18ICE MAGIC-18 (28-05-18 to 05-05-18)Download
28-04-18ICE MAGIC-17 (22-04-18 to 28-04-18)Download
24-04-18ICE MAGIC-16 (15-04-18 to 21-04-18)Download
16-04-18ICE MAGIC-15(08-04-18 to 14-04-18) Download
09-04-18ICE MAGIC-14 (04-04-18 to 07-04-18)Download
02-04-18ICE MAGIC-13 (25-03-18 to 31-03-18)Download
24-03-18ICE MAGIC-12 (18-03-18 to 24-03-18)Download
18-03-18ICE MAGIC-11 (11-03-18 to 17-03-18)Download
13-03-18ICE MAGIC-10 (04-03-18 to 10-03-18)Download
06-03-18  ICE MAGIC-09 (25-02-18 to 03-03-18)Download
26-02-18  ICE MAGIC-08 (18-02-18 to 24-02-18)Download
19-02-18  ICE MAGIC-07 (11-02-18 to 17-02-18)Download
12-02-18ICE MAGIC-06 (04-02-18 to 10-02-18)Download
06-02-18ICE MAGIC-05 (28-01-18 to 03-02-18)Download
30-01-18ICE MAGIC-04 (21-01-18 to 27-01-18)Download
22-01-18ICE MAGIC-03 (14-01-18 to 20-01-18)Download
15-01-18ICE MAGIC-02 (07-01-18 to 13-01-18)Download
08-01-18ICE MAGIC-01 (01-01-18 to 06-01-18)Download
2018HAPPY NEW YEAR   Start
02-12-17ICE MAGIC-52 (24-12-17 to 31-12-17)  Download
25-12-17 ICE MAGIC-51 (17-12-17 to 23-12-17)Download
19-12-17ICE MAGIC-50 (10-12-17 to 16-12-17)        Download
11-12-17ICE MAGIC-49 (03-12-17 to 09-12-17) Download
04-12-17ICE MAGIC-48 (26-11-17 to 02-12-17)  Download
27-11-17ICE MAGIC-47 (19-11-17 to 25-11-17)  Download
20-11-17ICE MAGIC-46 (12-11-17 to 18-11-17)  Download
14-11-17ICE MAGIC-45 (05-11-17 to 11-11-17)   Download
06-11-17ICE MAGIC-44 (29-10-17 to 04-11-17)  Download
28-10-17 ICE MAGIC-43 (22-10-17 to 28-10-17)  Download
23-10-17ICE MAGIC-42 (15-10-17 to 21-10-17)   Download
16-10-17ICE MAGIC-41 (08-10-17 to 14-10-17)  Download
15-10-17  JUNE 2017  BANK CURRENT AFFAIR  Download
15-10-17MAY 2017 BANK CURRENT AFFAIRS   Download
09-10-17 ICE MAGIC-40 (01-10-17 to 07-10-17)   Download
05-10-17PI CURRENT AFFAIRS 2017    Download
02-10-17 ICE MAGIC-39 (24-09-17 to 30-09-17)  Download
01-10-17 ICE MAGIC-38 (17-09-17 to 23-09-17)  Download
23-09-17 ICE MAGIC-38 (17-09-17 to 23-09-17)  Download
18-09-17  ICE MAGIC-37 (10-09-17 to 16-09-17)  Download
11-09-17         ICE MAGIC-36 (03-09-17 to 09-09-17)   Dowlnoad
04-09-17 ICE MAGIC-35 (27-08-17 to 02-09-17)  Download
28-08-17ICE MAGIC-34 (20-08-17 to 26-08-17)  Download
20-08-2017    ICE MAGIC-33 (13-08-17 to 19-08-17)  Download
12-08-2017  ICE MAGIC-32 (06-08-17 to 12-08-17)   Download
05-08-2017  ICE MAGIC-31 ( 30-07-17 to 05-08-17)  Download
29-07-2017  ICE MAGIC-30 (23-07-17 to 29-07-17)   Download
27-07-17 ICE MAGIC-29 (16-07-17 to 22-07-17)     Download
17-07-17 ICE MAGIC-28 (09-07-17 to 15-09-17)  Download
08-07-2017  ICE MAGIC-27 (02-07-17 to 08-07-17)   Download
01-07-17 ICE MAGIC-26 (25-06-17 to 01-07-17)  Download
01-07-2017   CTO MAINS SPECIAL ISSUE ON GST  Download
01-07-2017    CTO MAINS GUJARATI ESSAY  Download
24-06-17 ICE MAGIC-25 (18-06-17 to 24-06-17)     Download
17-06-2017   ICE MAGIC-24 (11-06-17 to 17-06-17)  Download
12-06-2017    ICE MAGIC-23 (04-06-17 to 10-06-17)   Download
05-06-17 ICE MAGIC-22 (28-05-17 to 03-06-17)  Download
29-05-2017  ICE MAGIC-21 (21-05-17 to 27-05-17)  Download
28-05-17 GPSC CURRENT AFFAIRS 2017   Download
22-05-17 ICE MAGIC-20 (14-05-17 to 20-05-17)  Download
13-05-17 ICE MAGIC-19 (07-05-17 to 13-05-17)   Download
08-05-2017  ICE MAGIC-18 (02-04-17 to 06-04-17)   Download
29-04-2017   ICE MAGIC-17 (23-04-17 to 29-04-17)   Download
22-04-17 ICE MAGIC-16 (16-04-17 to 22-04-17)   Download
15-04-2017   ICE MAGIC-15 ( 09-04-17 to 15-04-17)      Download
08-04-17  ICE MAGIC-14 (02-04-17 to 08-04-17)  Download
01-04-2017   ICE MAGIC-13 (26-03-17 to 01-04-17)   Download
27-03-17 ICE MAGIC-12 (19-03-17 to 25-03-17)    Download
19-03-2017      ICE MAGIC-11 (12-03-17 to 18-03-17)  Download
11-03-17 ICE MAGIC-10 (05-03-17 to 11-03-17)     Download
07-03-2017 ICE MAGIC-09 (26-02-17 to 04-03-17)   Download
04-03-17ICE MAGIC-08 (19-02-17 to 25-02-17)          Download
04-03-17 DY.SO MAINS-SPECIAL ISSUE 2017    Download
28-02-2017     PSI MAINS-SPECIAL ISSUE 2017    Download
28-02-2017   PSI MAINS-YOJANA 2017       Download
23-02-2017    ICE MAGIC-07 (12-02-17 to 18-02-17  Download
14-02-17 ICE MAGIC-06 (05-02-17 to 11-02-17)   Download
09-02-2017     ICE MAGIC-05 (29-01-17 to 04-02-17)  Download
23-01-2017   ICE MAGIC-03 (15-01-17 to 21-01-17)    Download
08-01-2017   ICE MAGIC-01 (01-01-17 to 07-01-17)    Download


GSEB Vidhyasahayak Bharati 2018 -2019 Apply At

GSEB   Vidhyasahayak Recruitment (Std 6 To 8)  2018 | Official Notification |    Syllabus  

     GSEB has released notification For Vidhyasahayak Bharti 2018-19, Total Number Of vacancy Is 3262, Eligible Candidate can apply from below link.more information about Recruitment is as under.  Here, in this article, we are going to share all the detailed information of GSEB Vacancy 2018 in the following sections of this article. Interested & eligible Student who want to do a work in Gujarat government then they may read out this complete article carefully and get all the necessary  information from here.

                     Vidhyasahayak Bharti Form Will Be Available on 20 October 2018. So The Candidates Who want to apply online in this vidyasahayak recruitment 2018 can collect their documents and be ready at the starting date of online application form. Gujarat Vidhyasahayak Bharti 2018 online application is available at for 3262 Vidyasahayak & Primary Teacher Posts. Please read entire details about Gujarat Vidhyasahayak Recruitment 2018 and know how to apply for this job.

GSEB Vidhyasahayak Bharati 2018 -2019 Apply At

Total Posts: 3262 Posts

Posts Name: Vidhyasahayak 

Subject Wise Vacancy 
LANGUAGE:-..   502

How To Apply : Interested And eligible candidate may apply online through Official website

Important Dates:
• Starting Date for Submission of Online Application: 19-10-2018
• Last Date for Submission of Online Application: 29-10-2018

View Vidhyasahayak 2018-19 official notification for educational qualification,Pay scale And other details : Click Here

Syllabus And Exam Pattern for GSEB Vidhyasahayak Bharti 2018-19

  • Language I
  • Language II
  • Child Development and Pedagogy
  • Mathematics & Science
  • General Awareness
Advertisement: Click Here

Notification: Click Here (Soon available !)

Apply Online: Click Here

Important Details about GSEB Vidhyasahayak Recruitment 2018

  1. In Charge: Gujarat Secondary Education Board
  2. Exam Mode: Written Test
  3. Application Type: Online
  4. Starting For Application Online Form: 19-10-2018
  5. Due Date For Application Form: 29-10-2018
  6. Date Of Exam: Not Declared Yet
  7. Job Type: Government
  8. Official Website:
  9. Location : Gujarat
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